Maj M., Ubysz A.

Chimneys. Use and durability

The subject of the work concerns the use and durability of industrial chimneys, mainly reinforced concrete chimneys. The authors included the most important aspects that occur during the initial start-up, use and repair of the chimney. The first part of the book contains information about the basic materials from which industrial chimneys are made. Subsequently the authors discuss the types of loads acting on the chimneys. The following sections include methods of examining the technical condition of chimneys, causes of degradation and loss of durability. Methods of repairing the chimney shell are presented in the following parts of the book. The work is based on many years of research by the Authors, who have extensive practical experience with this type of construction.
The monograph is a valuable position on the European market in the field of durability of reinforced concrete industrial chimneys. The process of destroying reinforced concrete structures in highly aggressive environments with a pH < 5 is a significant problem in the case of chimneys that are used in a technological line, such as steel mills, coking plants, etc. Decommissioning a chimney from operation causes the entire power unit to be shut down and causes many additional economic consequences.
Due to the importance of the subject and the high substantive level of the monograph, I believe that it meets the formal and substantive requirements and that it should be published and disseminated in the circles of constructors.
— Ashot Tamrazyan – Reviewer

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